Teachers and kids in your community are hitting the top of the charts with Blazer Fresh!

Combining funky hip hop beats and easy to learn dance moves, Blazer Fresh gets kids moving, grooving, and learning all at once!

Videos like Blazer Fresh help kids to:

  1. Absorb and retain information through learning mnemonics and corresponding movements
  2. Learn various subjects including math, English language arts, science, and social studies
  3. Re-energize and refocus their brains and bodies

Requested by teachers

All Blazer Fresh songs are based on a topic that was specifically chosen by an educator for both its curricular value and for how well it integrates with movement, physical activity, and kinesthetic learning.

As kids sing and dance along to Blazer Fresh, they can make angles and lines with their arms; clap out syllables while acting out patterns; and respond with lyrics that encourage the use of words and memorization.

Skills are grade appropriate, and for some songs there are two versions at varying levels to appeal to a larger range of kids.

With songs from Blazer Fresh, students don’t just learn as they move; they learn through their movements!

Win a Blazer Fresh Party!

Be on the lookout for your Blazer Fresh Jam Pack in the mail. It will contain information about how you can win a Blazer Fresh party at a school in your community!

GoNoodle is dedicated to supporting your commitment to the health and well-being of kids in your community, and Blazer Fresh is yet another example of how GoNoodle is getting kids to move more!